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Hey Friends! We did it!

Hey Friends!

We did it!

We had a tremendous month doing our work in Edinburgh.

We had some amazing experiences. We saw some work from other performers that was inspiring and affirming. We got so much out of the opportunity to perform and run our show so many times in a row. We can’t overstate the value of that work. If we are honest, we also had some dips. It is a struggle to get an audience in a festival as competitive as the the Edinburgh Fringe. As expected we had to tell ourselves to keep our chins up a time or two, but overall this has been a tremendous success.

We are reflecting on the year long job of producing a show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Our budget got it’s final once over and we are pleased to say we balanced up nicely, all expenses covered, all collaborators paid for their work. We received some nice and thoughtful reviews of our work that we know will serve us as we continue our work on the show, and as affirmation of the work we have already done.

We have gotten more as performers, and creators, and producers out of this year of work than we could ever express and it wouldn’t have been possible without you.

We will be re-working The Convolution of Pip and Twig using lessons and new inspirations from our run at the fringe and plan to perform the show again in Charlottesville in the fall of 2017.
Again, thank you so much for your support.


Siân and Kara

Pip and Twig at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

Pip and Twig are performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Aug 5-27! Space Triplex Venue 38 –6:40pm BUY TICKETS HERE

Please visit for all details.

“The performances are very good…the choreography is impressive…well thought out movements helps develop the relationship between the two characters, even where dialogue is lacking. With singing, dancing and DIY props this is an entertaining 50 minutes…” – THREE WEEKS EDINBURGH (full review)

“In the clown-inspired performances that use the full expressive palette of the actors, there is a playfulness at the centre of the relationship, even at its most acrimonious. This playfulness extends to the production itself, which relishes the visual potential of the theatre: the ocean scenes are a real treat…the characters are brought to vivid, charming life throughout.” -THE LIST (full review)


Photos by Doug Berndt

Send-off Performances of The Convolution of Pip and Twig in Charlottesville July 21 and 22

Come see The Convolution of Pip and Twig before it packs up for Edinburgh

Thursday July 21
Friday July 22

6:40pm* (50 min running time)

Piedmont Virginia Community College (PVCC)
Maxwell Theatre, V. Earl Dickinson Bldg
501 College Dr,  Charlottesville VA 22902

Tickets $20
General admission
Tickets available at all 
Mudhouse locations
For out-of-towners only, please call 434-466-5272 to reserve

* Why the odd start time? We will be performing this play for a 3-week run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August.  All 313 venues at the Fringe will have a steady rotation of shows running all day, every day. We have a limited time in the venue each night to get the show set up, performed, and packed away, and this part needs to be staged and rehearsed with everything else. We will be ending our week of technical rehearsals at PVCC with these performances and running them just like they will be in Edinburgh. A super quick set up, 6:40pm performance time, 50 minute running time, and a super quick load out.

We would love to see your face before we go!

Thank you for all your support,

-Siân and Kara