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Part One

After a brief summer hiatus, we Pepsters got back in the water in August. We had in our hot little hands the text for act one, and we set out to put together our physical material and text for the first act over the course of our working weekend. Martha took bits and pieces from etudes we had made and edited them together. We applied the text to this material and poof! We had an outline of the scenes in Part One. After over a year of work, it felt good to have the bones of the first section of the show in place. There is much to add to what we have done and a lot more show for us to put together but we have a hint now of where we are heading. It seems to involve some talking wild life. That’s all I will say about that.

In other news, Martha, Sian, Doreen, John Paul, and Mark S. all got together for a production meeting. It was the first opportunity for our designers to get in the same place and talk over all the ideas floating around about the set and lights. This is an exciting experience for PEP. We have certainly made set and lights happen before, but we have never collaborated at this level, in fact we have never had a costume designer at all, other than ourselves. I think we are now in a moment of inhale. Starting this month things pick up and we will start running faster and faster towards our performances at Live Arts.


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